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  Photos of upcoming estate sales can be found on ESTATESALES.NET.   The address of the sale will be posted on Wednesday night "prior" to the sale on this page.



THURSDAY, June 14th

416 Camino Corto, San Jacinto 


June 15 & or 16, 2018

4393 Harbor Ct., Hemet

xST.  Sanderson & Mustang Way

by West Valley High School



Sale Description:
These photos should tell you the story! 

Click on the link below...

June 14:  San Jacinto Estate Sale

June 15:  Groovy Hemet Estate Sale

June 29:  Off-Site Estate Sale moved to Hemet

July 13:  Hemet Estate Sale

July 27 & or 28:  3-Acre Property Hemet Estate Sale

Aug 24:  Seven Hills Estate Sale

Upcoming Estate Sales
San Jacinto                           June 14 
Hemet                                   June 15 & or 16
Hemet                                   June 29  
Hemet  (pending)                  July 13
Hemet                                    July 27 & or 28
Hemet                                   Aug 24                                             


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