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Frequently Asked Questions


Who needs an Estate Sale?                   Email Finders Keepers Antiques

The need for an estate sale can arise under many circumstances.  Sales
are conducted for clients who are moving, relocating, downsizing, foreclosure properties, combining households or have lost a family member or friend.  Some of our clients move every 3-5 years and we conduct a sale for them before each move!


What do you sell?

As liquidation specialists, we can sell almost any item.  We have specialist in the areas of: Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, Artwork, Electronics, Contemporary Furnishings, Tools & Much more.  We put a great deal of time and research into pricing specialty items in order to ensure a fair market value price.  

*We are not licensed to sell firearms, however we do maintain a list of buyers.*



How does this work?

Initially, we will spend a great deal of time talking about your estate & contents, picking dates for your sale & then formulating a game plan for the big event!  

About one to two weeks before the sale, we set up the home and prepare it for the sale.  Our staff displays the items using our own tables, display cases, signs, cash registers, credit card terminals, etc during the sale and any additional items that may be needed.  If you have light carpeting- we protect it with plastic during the sale.

The sale is advertised in the local newspapers, and various additional online
advertising, fliers and professionally printed signage.  For very large or unique estates, a press release will be issued.  Our mailing list of over 3,000 subscribers receives a notification of the sale with details & directions a few days before.

Typically a sale is held on a Friday and Saturday.  Numbers are issued to early customers before the sale begins and when the sale begins, 15-20 customers (by number) will enter the home and make their purchases.  Our staff assists them with questions, pricing and purchasing their items.  As these customers exit, new customers (by number) then enter the home.  As items sell, we document them on a log with the price they sold for.  We give this information to the homeowner after the sale to keep for their records.  From our customers we accept Cash, Visa & MasterCard (for purchases over $100) and checks from an approved buyer list.



Are you insured/bonded?

Yes, we are covered under liability insurance and are bonded.


What payment methods do you accept at your sale?


We accept cash and credit card/ATM payments through our wireless merchant machine.



What type of marketing is done for an estate sale?

Our marketing strategies are the same for a small estate or a large one!  We employ various efforts to maximize attendance at every sale.  Our process is tracked and without a doubt we can tell you that we have found that doing Online, Print, Signage and Direct Mail will insure a successful sale EVERY single time!  WE know this, because we track it!


What is your part in saving the environment?

Beginning in 2010, we went green and advertise that all participants in our sales should bring their own boxes and packing materials.  We understand and agree with recycling to decrease waste in our environment and therefore encourage customers to help save our Earth.  Ofcourse it may be a slow process for some, so we will have some bags available that have been recycled for EMERGENCIES...(smile).


What are your fees?

Finders Keepers Estate Services
works on a nominal commission with NO UPFRONT OR ADDITIONAL FEES.  We pay for advertising, newspaper ads, our staff, bank fees associated with accepting electronic payments, etc.  Our commission comes out of the estate proceeds after the sale.  Commissions are negotiable for "substantially" larger estates.



My estate is very large (or very small)...  Can you still help?


Although we are known for conducting very large & elaborate sales, we conduct just as many smaller sales AS LONG AS the items you disclose DURING our meeting, "remain" AVAILABLE for sale.  If you take more than what was discussed during the meeting, you run the RISK of us rescinding the contract. We have a wonderful crew and will do our best to assist.  (Updated 10/2017)



What happens after the sale?

We will supply you with various options regarding how to dispose of the remaining contents.  These options include buy-outs, clean-outs and charity pick ups.  We work with some wonderful charitable organizations who will come in after the sale, box the remaining items, take them away and supply you with the donation receipts for tax purposes--leaving you with an empty house ready for closing!


Why choose Finders Keeper Estate Services?

Simply put, we are the absolute BEST at what we do!  We feel that we have perfected the system to the point that ALL of our clients are pleased with the results of their estate sale.  We do not "cherry pick" sales due to size or contents--if there's a need, we schedule you in based on our availability.  As a result, we invite you to interview us FIRST, so that you have a standard by which to measure others!!!  You will be glad you did...



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